CRA Payment Dates November 2023, Amount & eligibility

CRA Payment Dates November 2023: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is a big deal in Canada. They collect taxes and administer a bunch of important plans and benefits that help Canadians every year.

Effective money management requires knowing when CRA Payment Dates November are due and being aware of the different CRA programs. These programs are there to help you out at different times in your life, whether you’re a parent getting the Canada Child Benefit, an elderly person relying on Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement, or a worker relying on Employment Insurance. Don’t forget to take advantage of the financial assistance offered by these important CRA programs, and record the adverse dates for the November 2023 payment dates.

CRA Payment Dates November 2023

Name of the organizationCanada revenue agency
CRA AuthorityGovt of Canada
Canada child benefit date20th November 2023
GST/HST5th October 2023
Canada old age security28th November 2023
Canada Pension plan28th November 2023

CRA Payment Dates November 2023

The CRA is a unique organization that helps Canadians with their finances. They offer a bunch of financial assistance programs, like:

  • The Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
  • The GST/HST credit
  • The Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB)
  • The Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
  • The Canada Workers Benefit (CWB)

The Canada Child Benefit: The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a monthly payment made by the Government of Canada to families with children under the age of 18. The amount of the payment is based on the number of children in the family and the family’s income. The CCB is there to help families with the expenses of raising kids.

Goods and Services Tax & Harmonized Sales Tax Credit: The GST/HST credit was introduced to help Canadians with lower income sources with certain taxes. The amount of credit you are eligible for is determined by your household income, marital status, and the number of dependents you have. it helps people and families in Canada who are struggling to meet their financial needs.

CRA Payment Date november 2023

Employment Insurance (EI): EI benefits can help you pay your bills if you’re out of work for a while. You might be eligible if you’ve lost your job, are sick, or have a new baby.

Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS):  OAS gives money to folks who are 65 or older, regardless of how much they’ve worked or how much money they make. GIS is a program that gives money to low-income seniors in Canada. It’s important to make sure that all Canadian seniors can retire comfortably.

Canada Pension Plan: The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a compulsory social insurance program that helps retired Canadians and their families pay their bills. It is an important part of Canada’s retirement income system and ensures that retirees can live a comfortable life after quitting their jobs.

CRA Payment Date 2023

The CRA issues various benefit and tax credit payments on certain days each month. It is important to know these dates to ensure you receive the financial aid you are eligible for on time, the payments may get delivered to people on 20th Oct, 20th Nov, and 13th Dec 2023. Here are the detailed Payment dates from CRA.

CRA Payment Dates November 2023

20 November 2023
13 December 2023

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Payment Dates November 2023

28 November 2023
20 December2023

Old Age Security (OAS) Payment Dates November 2023

28 November2023
20 December2023

Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB)

27 November2023

Veteran disability pension Payment Dates November 2023

November 292023
December 212023

If you want to get the dates of other schemes of the Canada Revenue Agency then you are informed that you can get the information about the schemes and their dates over the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency.


If you want to know the dates of other CRA schemes, you can check the CRA official website. There you will get all the information you need.

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